Awareness Walk 2: Sound

 For an introduction to awareness walks, see this previous post. Take a short, slow walk around your local area, garden, park or room. Stand still for a few moments and quietly centre yourself by focussing on your breathing and the sensations in your body until you are still. Start to listen.  First, listen to yourContinue reading “Awareness Walk 2: Sound”

Meditation: Bowls

Sometimes it can be helpful to use everyday objects around us to help us to meditate and think about our feelings, emotions and connections to others and to the Other or transcendent being which some call God. In this post, I draw upon words by Joyce Rupp to consider life through a series of containersContinue reading “Meditation: Bowls”

Planning Pacing

With pacing, as with many things in life, a few minutes planning can help you to manage your energy levels throughout the day and in the longer term.  Planning might feel unfamiliar and take a while to begin with, but should save you time and energy once you’ve got used to it. Planning can helpContinue reading “Planning Pacing”

Pondering Pacing

During this time of heightened uncertainty and anxiety, it is likely to be harder than usual to focus and energy and motivation are likely to be lower than usual. This post suggests some ways pacing may help with this. I have a lifelong disability which limits my energy levels and involves high levels of pain.Continue reading “Pondering Pacing”

Stones of Hope

For this reflection, you will need a stone, perhaps the one you used for the Stone Meditation. In this reflection you will transform your stone into a symbol of hope by painting it. It can be particularly powerful to do this with the stone you have used in the stone meditation as it might beContinue reading “Stones of Hope”

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